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Thread: Mermaiding is life! What are your hobbies?

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    Thought I’d post here! I love music, art, gaming, watching baking shows and I also love watering my plants early in the morning, something so peaceful about

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    In my free time, I conduct research at my university studying small, microscopic pieces of dinosaur/prehistoric bones/fossils. I am also involved in various clubs on campus. I also play with my puppy, hold my bearded dragon, listen to music, crochet, play video games, swim, hike, read, write, dance, and sing. I am also currently using my free time to work on my diving certifications and trying to learn more about coral conservation and the lives of various aquatic species.

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    Mermaiding is my favorite hobby after writing. Even as a Writer on EssayPandas i writer alot about them.

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    New hobbies since Covid started, I learnt how to make Sami Bands. Its a type of Inkle bands from Sweden and other Nordic and Eurasian countries. I also do pin loom weaving and watercolors.
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    Arts and crafts! Whether it's 3D printing, DIY electronics, resin casting, and yes, tailmaking, I just love having a few projects to focus my arts and crafts skills on.

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    My hobby is chickens raising.
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    writing and programming, currently trying to make a fan game based on Riverdale, also writing essays and articles about movies for my online blog!
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    I love reading and laying piano. I also enjoy gaming, especially when it comes to Roblox. I also use roblox scripts to make the gaming process easier.


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