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Thread: Any Mers in Missouri?

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    Any Mers in Missouri?

    Any Mers here besides me in Missouri or am i the only one?

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    Don't have a tail yet, but I'm from Missouri ^w^ You wouldn't happen to know of any good visibility lakes would you? My aunt has a lake with a clay mine base so if you open yours eyes underwater everything looks like blood >.<U Johnson Shut-Ins is nice but there's usually too many people, the spot is too small, or there would be way too much climbing to bring anything heavy.

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    I'm new to the scene and dont have a tail yet but I'm from the STL area and would love to meet up with others and make friends in the community

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    Quote Originally Posted by DepthWitch View Post
    I'm new to the scene and dont have a tail yet but I'm from the STL area and would love to meet up with others and make friends in the community

    I'm 40mins to an hour out of St. Louis! I don't have a tail either but I'm working on finding places near me to justify a monofin purchase to my folks (I haven't told them my later plans for a tail yet but I still need to have comfortable places to swim). Where do you swim?

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    @Aycrin: this is my first summer here I have had to be free to do what I want so nowhere yet haha but i really want to find a nice lake to swim in and just dave as deep as I can and explore

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    @DepthWitch: Good luck with finding a lake! My aunt has one from a closed clay mine but the others in the area around me are mostly gated. There is one that's not but I don't know if it's actually safe to swim in it (I know people fish in it though). You might have better luck with rivers or creeks. Some decent spots in my area are about 30mins away from me with a good one about an hour away. Although I'll be looking at a potential spot tomorrow that's only 20mins away. Do you swim in pools much?

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    I love clay lakes the red color of the water is quite beautiful and as for rivers I love swimming in them too there is so much to explore and yes I love swimming pools the only issue is the only pool I have access to is a community pool and I'm not a big fan of swimming with people I don't know haha i have no idea why just how it is lol

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    I think the red would be prettier for me if there was better visibility underwater (being able to see my hand when my arm is stretched out for instance). The clarity tends to be best a few days following a sizeable rain. As for swimming pools, my main problem with them is whenever the chlorine level is too high. The pool nearest me fried my hair after four swims so I'm trying to find more natural water places >.<U. Is it a somewhat small pool? If it's a bigger size, you could always stay in one area or in one lane?

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    its a small pool and as for chlorine I tend to try and find salt water pools.

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    If you need a site for finding some natural spots, try I found a closer spot for me just yesterday so maybe you'll find something, too! ^-^ Have fun!

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    Thanks I'll be sure to check it out.

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    might have to check that out in the spring with my first tail.

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    i am a missouri mermaid with a tail

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    i am in columbia, missouri- about 2 hours from st. louis

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    I'm not from MO, but I live about 30 mins for KCMO. I don't have a tail yet. Trying to figure out the best way to save up for it. Also trying to figure out where to swim XD
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    Missouri Mermaid here!

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    Hello other MO Mers! Anybody else ready for warmer water temps?

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    Another Missouri Mer! Hoorah!!! Yes, spring time needs to hurry up!!(:

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    My gosh, I need to check on this thread more! How's everyone doing? Anyone get to go swimming yet? The most I've been able to do is go wading.

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    Does jumping in the freezing cold lake in February for the polar plunge count? >_ >

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