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Thread: Any Mers in Missouri?

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    I know this is a old post, I'm new to the website. ^^" I'm looking for Missouri Mers too lol. I live 20 mins from St.Louis city, and I have a tail but it's not silicone. :P

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    Well Shibbehthemermaid if you ever want a swim partner I'm down. Would be alot safer swimming with someone. Let me know if you ever want to do that.

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    I'm newly moved to Missouri...but just from across the KS border. ;P I'm still waiting on my silicone merbellas tail to be made, but hoping to get some swimming in once I have it.
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    Where in Missouri are you located?

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    KC MO right like a mile from the border.
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    Branson, MO mermaid here

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    Yup, I'm a St.louis mermaid.

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    I am also from Missouri, it's nice to meet you. It's so awesome when you find out that there are others who live near you or live in the same state who have the same intrests as you aka mermaiding.

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    Anyone in Springfield? it would be cool to have a Merfriend!

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    In St Louis if you'd like to meet up! i dont mind driving ^w^
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    yes I'm a st louis mer too!!!

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    Not that I know of, my lake, the Lake of the Ozarks has a green-ish tint to it underwater, making your skin look kinda green, but you can still see the bottom (but only in the really, really shallow end.) I wouldn't recommend opening your eyes underwater anyways in a lake, because it could harm your eyes.

    You could try GenTeal eye gel, or the generic brand that is the copy cat of this and see if it works underwater in a lake. I've used it at my pool which has WAY too much chlorine, and it works perfectly, no stinging to my eyes. Although my eyes do get a little pink but go away after a few eye drops.

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    Me too! I don't feel so alone, even though I'm literally the only mer in my area, but I'm glad that there are Missouri Mers.

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    I know this is an older post but i live in the Palmyra area of Missouri.
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    Also in St. Louis.

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    I am from Granby Missouri my bestie and I are making our first ever mermaid tails out of silicone and we are going to try to create merfolk community of mermaids down at Table Rock Lake Missouri I live in Granby Missouri

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    What does it do? Does it help you see clearer underwater?

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    no u are n not look up mermaid alison onlione on youtube me with my name
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