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Thread: Nameing my mersona delima help !!!

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    Nameing my mersona delima help !!!

    Ok so this is something Ive been torn about for a while! I love mermaid satine! But people get it confused with the fabric not Nicole Kidman in moulin rouge! Plus its hard for people to pronounce! So I am thinking about changeing it to mermaid rose or rosey! Its easy for everyone to say and would kind of be a tribute to my granny whom with out this would not be possible! I know if she were still here shed get a kick out of it! But I want to know what all you Merfolk think should I keep it satine or go with rose or rosey? Help please cause I am really torn! Thank yall !!!!

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    My native language is german and I do not have any issues to say your name so this should not be the problem but it's up to you.

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    My real name is very common now and people add all kinds of non existent letters. Its YOUR name and if you like it that's all that matters. However a nickname may help?

    This is a big thing for me as recreating my name irl was a big deal to me. My mom is emotionally abusive and my full name is actually traumatizing to hear. My friends don't usually know my full name and when they see it they know never to call me that!

    My mername was especially important to me by extension so my fiance helped me pick it ^_^

    I like the tribute name, maybe satine rose could be your full mersona? ^_^
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    I named my Mersona after a color pallet from a home-improvement paint collection. Just go with whatever jumps out at you.


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