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Thread: My Fairy Tail Love Story (2018)

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    My Fairy Tail Love Story (2018)

    Has anyone else seen this movie? I just watched it the other day on Amazon Prime. It is really good, it makes some references to Disney's the Little Mermaid. At the beginning you think you know how its going to end based on the "Hallmark love story" but I'll tell ya the ending is Great! I was not expecting it, and its still a satisfying ending, you're not left desperately wanting to know more nor do you want to go in and fix anything. The audio is kinda like Spanglish but with the Filipino language, but there are subtitles for when they are not speaking English and its not overly often that it happens, but it doesn't detract from the movie in my opinion. So what does anyone else think?

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    This movie was the best accidental find on Amazon. I came across it by accident and almost avoid it like most mermaid movies. I'm glad I watched it. I agree about the movie ending being great. All the mermaid movie cliches references gave it a good sense of humor. The whole movie is practically in English but do leave the subtitles for the few Filipino words. I recommend it and it's free with prime to watch.
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