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Thread: Any ideas to prevent fresh scar tissue on legs from getting sore in the tail?

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    Unhappy Any ideas to prevent fresh scar tissue on legs from getting sore in the tail?

    Hi, so recently I just had some surgery on my left leg that is going to leave 2 very long scars. Luckily it will be a couple of months before it is warm enough to swim in my tail again. But, I remember new surgical scars are still sensitive a few months later when being rubbed in water and against other skin. I was wondering if anyone had ideas or experience to help prevent pain and discomfort while in your tail. My tail is a fabric one by mertailor

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    Two layers helps to prevent abrasion. Try wearing leggings. I use leggins with a hybrid tail, and they help quite a bit. Most of the slipping is one cloth layer on the other, rather than cloth to skin.
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    over the counter numbing cream. You can usually get xylocane - a form of lidocane, safe for skin use from the pharmacist. I have sensitive scar tissue damage as well and my doc suggested it. Actually, what she got me to do was sleep with a cotton ball of lidocane taped to the scar tissue overnight to basically calm those damaged nerve endings down and after a few weeks it stopped being an issue all together

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    Thanks, I will have to try both of your suggestions

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