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    Hey, I was just wondering, are there many mers with more than one ear piercing? And also, what are some suggestions for a mer with more than just the single lobe either side. Iíve got the normal ones, and then two more studs above them either side. And Iím not too worried about them (theyíre tiny blue and purple studs), but I was curious as to what other people did.

    Iím super sensitive to metals in my ears (like so bad I can only wear pure gold, plastic, or natural materials like wood and bone), so I was wondering if anybody had some tips.

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    I made myself some shell and pearl studded to wear in one set of holes and wear dangly plants in the other.

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    I used to have an industrial. I took it out a while back, and back then places like Body Art Forms had high quality, ocean themed jewelry (mermaids, shells, seahorses). Used to just remove everything before swimming due to thoughts of losing jewelry or it getting snagged or who knows what.

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    I've got an industrial just recently that's still healing. I can't change the barbell yet but I'm stoked for when I can!
    If you get a new piercing I highly recommend you get this stuff to clean it especially after swims - >

    Trust me this stuff is magic (plus it's got a merman on the bottle haha)

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    Edit: I also have two lobe piercings on each side
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    I have cartiledge, lobe and my septum in my nose. I used to have a few more including eyebrow but my skin HATES metal and rejected several piercings. Siggggh

    The sea salt sprays are amazing for aftercare. I also have metal allergies and prefer titanium since you can get a nice variety of looks. Ive never tried bone, that sounds interesting!
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    I have stretched both my love piercings (2g and 4g), have a belly ring, a nose ring 'that I don't often wear) and have a cartlidge piercing that also goes empty most days. I just still with gold most of the time and match it to gold necklaces and bracelets for a "lost treasure" look

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