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Thread: Please help.

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    Please help.

    I'm Alexander Buratti owner of AB-Tails can Mernetwork please delete the following post on the forum and on Google:
    I went to postal police in Italy because this thing pops up on Google as the first result by searching my name ,and since the post is full of lies, and is causing me constantly stages of depression and I will go forward legally to remove it from the internet because everyone knows I'm not a bad person. So I ask Mernetwork please to delete the page : Thanks I will attend an answer. 🐬💙🌊🐚
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    Eee! Bad call to post your details publicly. I'm sure if admins need to ask questions, they will ask in private messages. You never know who else could be spying and such.
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    dude, you have multiple threads about your poor behavior over the years. You accused Raina of being the ex who is scared of you, you threatened to call the "internet police" on people, you just linked to a thread where it came to light that you got caught accessing other people's accounts and your behavior got you temporarily BANNED.

    Might want to fade into the lurk zone before you get yourself permanently banned
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