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Thread: Best Online Storefront Platform?

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    Best Online Storefront Platform?

    Hey there, Iím a mer that makes tops and accessories. Currently I have an Etsy store but Iíve seen a lot of crafters moving away from that in the recent years for places like Shopify or making their own websites.

    The Etsy fees are a pain for someone just starting out and trying to grow their shop. I have an Instagram thatís growing and I need a good storefront to back it up. I do commission based work for the most part right now.

    Anymer have experience with online selling platforms?
    Also any tips are welcome.

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    If you need any help with migrating your Magento to Shopify, you can kindly can use Cart2cart can help you with all the things related to Shopify. Get in touch with them now.

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