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    Help Make Change!

    Hello mer- sisters and brothers,

    Iíve been swimming at my local YMCA for months and they recently told me that I could no longer use a monofin at their locations. I called the CEO of the Yís in my area and he is willing to have a meeting with me to discuss safety and maybe allowing monofins. Iím calling out to my mer-family to give me some resources I can reference to in this meeting to help me convince them to let me and those in my community use monofins. Any articles, videos, or any other form of factual information will help.

    Thank you and Iíll definitely keep you posted on how this meeting goes and maybe we can change this for all YMCA locations.

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    Hi there~

    Coincidentally, I just finished watching Courtney Mermaid's video about swim safety with mer tails/monofins: "Are Mermaid Tails Safe?"

    It's mostly about swimming in a full tail in general, but she goes into some specifics that might help you out. I hope your meeting goes well~
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    Youtube has a lot. Usually the tail makers have some, fin fun and suntails talk about the emergency to my recollection
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