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Thread: Non-binary mer designs

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    Non-binary mer designs

    I'm making my first (technically second, but we don't talk about the first attempt...) tail, and I have my fabric picked out and everything, but I'm having difficulty with the top situation. I'm non-binary, but unfortunately still have "female assets", so going topless isn't an option. Can anyone think of some ideas for a swim top that's not too feminine, while avoiding being too costumey? As in, nothing that would look too strange in a public pool (seaweed designs, shells, that kind of thing). Any input is appreciated!
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    I am a female, but I often like to wear neoprene dive suits and surfing rash guards, would that work? It’s quite unisex.
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    The dive suit is a bit much and out of my price range anyway, but something like a rash guard could work! Only issue is I can't stand too much fabric against my skin, so I'd be dying by the end of my swim lol. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    I recently assembled a tuxedo from modifying a monosuit with sleeves, with webbed gloves to complete the look. I'd show pictures but I'm still waiting on them from the guy who owns the camera used at the meet the tux was assembled for. It's very low-key with being just a few layers of fabric sewn on with false buttons hiding the zipper to create the look. Though, it still might be much considering your earlier reply about skin sensitivity :< I personally tend to favor neutral black suits with minimal accents on them over patterned.

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    Ahh, that sounds so cool! I'd love to see a picture if you have one ♡
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    I agree with a rash guard or even a tankini. If you bind your chest, try getting a swim binder. Highly recommend Underworks.

    I'm genderless but really don't care about wearing my bikini top or rashguard with my tail, cuz no matter what I'm a mermaid.

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    Shopvancouvermermaid has some very genderneutral croptops, boxy, with out being ugly

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    Having guarded for a bunch of years, I think a boy's rashguard (target's fit small to medium adults) would be the least conspicuous in a pool setting.

    If you are thinking more about how you feel than how you are perceived, I feel very unfeminine compressed inside a zip up women's water polo suit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MerMinnow View Post
    Shopvancouvermermaid has some very genderneutral croptops, boxy, with out being ugly
    Wow, thanks for posting! I love that shape!

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    Thank you all for the suggestions! I've just blown all my budget on Lycra and fabric medium lmao, but once I have the money I'll definitely be looking into things like rash guards and things along those lines ♡
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    I would absolutely love to see it! I would love to make something similar to go with my black skeleton tail. ^^

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    Don't a lot of people swim in T-shirts to avoid sunburn?

    You got me picturing a metalhead mer wearing a band t-shirt now.

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    I'm nonbinary but I've had top surgery. I'm still trying to figure out if I'll be comfortable swimming topless or if I'll need a rash guard or tank top of something. My main worry is trouble from lifeguards and staff because I'm not on T

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueCorvidae View Post
    Don't a lot of people swim in T-shirts to avoid sunburn?

    You got me picturing a metalhead mer wearing a band t-shirt now.
    I would sooo do this if I had an old shirt I wouldn't mind wearing in the pool!

    On the topic of nonbinary top options, I also like the shopvancouvermermaid ones.
    If you're comfortable with it, it'd be rad to see what you end up going with!
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