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Thread: How to Get Money for a Mermaid Tail

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    How to Get Money for a Mermaid Tail

    Whether you're on a fixed income, a starving student, looking to launch a business, or just wanting to have fun... how DO you get enough sand dollars to buy a tail? Here are tips - speaking from experience- on how you can save, and how you can fund-raise in an appropriate manner! With shout-outs to many affordable tail makers and a few people who helped ME along on my journey!

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    Great video! I have seen that 52 week finance meme around and been sharing that with cosplayers and first-time cosplayers.

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    Also, I'm more than happy to fully set up a zazzle account and donate a piece of art to get started to anyone who wants one. Its literally no interaction if you don't want it. You just watch the money add up lol
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