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Thread: Coney Island Mermaid Parade & First MerMeetup of the Summer 2019-2021

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    Coney Island Mermaid Parade & First MerMeetup of the Summer 2019-2021 37th Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade Registration is now open!
    Registration Group name will be #HarlemMermaidGroup you can register online $30 or at location its $35 per person each to march but to attend its Free!
    Head over to my Harlem Mermaids First #MerMeetup of the Summer from 3:00 pm until..... and every other weekend after that through out the summer! #Swimming#Photos#Videos#lotsoffun behind the #ThunderboltRide down by the water's!

    MerMeetup is a Free event. To march in Coney Mermaid Parade you need to pay Registration Fee only each.

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    Hi Merfamily! So excited our first mermeetup of the summer is getting closer! Hope you'll join us and march in this year's Coney Island Mermaid Parade June 22nd we'll be meeting up by the Registration tables like we do every year, there are mermaids and mermen coming for all around the States far and near its going to be so mertastic and our meetup is going to be full of merfamily from everywhere so hope you'll join us. click on link to go to my event page and join us. To go to watch and swim with us is FREE you only pay if your Marching with us in Parade itself link also on event page.

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    Hi Mer's! Im excited for our upcoming #ConeyIslandMermaidParade and my First MerMeetup of the Summer to kick it off! Click on link to join our Marching Group #theharlemmermaidgroup or just come and watch and then head over for photos and lots of swimming. Few weeks before #CIMP on the 8/9th of June 7/8pm there will be Pre-Mermaid Parade Market for Vendors which my mersister #MermaidWave will be selling her unique products. Wait not done yet before that we're having our first Photo shoot Mermeetup June 7th 2-7pm !come out and have a blast with the #nymerpod and harlem mermaid and wait we're still not done save these DATES! June 30th ConeyIslandMerMeetup

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    Hi Merfam! only a few weeks till we get together for a fintastic day of celebrating Mermaid Day at Coney Island mermaid parade and then off to my first mermeetup of the summer hope you will join our #nymerpod #coneyislandmermaids and mermaids from around the world ! Sea you soon


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