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Thread: Best Way to Store Finfolk Fabric Tails?

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    Best Way to Store Finfolk Fabric Tails?

    Hey All!
    Just got my first tail, a Finfolk Fabric Golden Giza!
    I've pretty much figured out how to dry it: Flat with pool noodles or something similar to open up the fluke plastics
    But I'm still at a loss on how to store it! Hanging it upside down like on a wall would be beautiful but I don't think the fluke/plastic inserts are sturdy enough to hold the fluke up. and hanging it right side up I'm worried would stretch it as the fluke is large and heavy, without but particularly with the plastic inserts.

    So how do you store yours?

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    Mine lives under my bed, like some sort of neoprene sea monster.

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    Mine lives either in my bathtub or my closet. That way it's safe from attacking felines

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