Inspired by meeting all the lovely Perth Merpod people from the facebook group (I'm not on facebook anymore, so a deep thank you to the members who let me know it was on)
I've hired a lane for merswimming at Stirling Leisure Centre's Scarborough Beach Pool for two hours on the 24th March. If I get a good response, I'll add another lane. Deep pool, 25 metre lane.
But please, *you must let me know*.

It's an evening swim, 5.45pm -7.45pm so no need for sunscreen! The pool is saltwater chlorine and is heated, and in a very nice location. Lockers are free!

You'll still need to pay your entry fee, I don't mind hiring the lanes, but I'm not going to pay for everyone! :-)

Stirling Leisure Centres will want you to do a swim test (50 metres, any stroke you like without touching the bottom) which I suggest you arrange doing beforehand (even on another day) so as not overwhelm the lifeguards doing the assessment.
You'll also need to sign a liability form. Unfortunately they also don't let you use silicone tails - I wish they would! Also sadly they don't allow photography - but it is just such a lovely place to swim.

Please let me know your email by private message if you're interested and I'll email you the SLC's paperwork for you to peruse. Also to give me an idea of numbers to see if I need to hire another lane. We will need to take turn and turn about for spotting, but I don't think that will be onerous, I'm not intending to swim solidly for 2 hours.

Dinner at your discretion before or afterwards at the wide array of choices along the Scarborough foreshore.

Public transport - catch the train to Glendalough and then the 990 bus which terminates at Scarborough Beach.