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Thread: Highland Siren Studios Tailmaker SCAM WARNING

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    Highland Siren Studios Tailmaker SCAM WARNING

    This is posted with the request and permission of the party Who was scammed.

    The tailmaker in questions is Highland siren studios. She also goes by the name Fiona Azlyn McLeod on Facebook. As of today, she has deleted her business page on Facebook and privated her instagram.

    She is a BRAND NEW TAIL MAKER this experience is her second time ever making a tail and she charged this person $2,600 for a tail that is basically a bomb of shedding glitter and with incorrect measurements. The tail (if you check out the pictures in the link) goes up to her NECK. She’s also trying to value her messy work at $7000 and tells her clients that $2,000 is AT COST.

    she’s trying to charge this user to repair a tail that she herself did not properly make. If you look at the photos, the tail didn’t properly cure because of the ungodly amount of glitter. This tail is NOT repairable and so Mackenzie (the one who got scammed) asked for a PARTIAL refund and this tail maker blocked her on all forms of media and then booted her out of the original “Buy, sell, trade: a tail mermaids” group on facebook and then deleted her business page. She also created a fake account on facebook to defame and libel Mackenzie and everyone who is going against her.

    Conversations and screenshots in the folder below


    Transcript of Mackenzie’s original FB post~

    Ok. I've been debating this post for days. But my newest encounter leaves me wanting to speak up not only for myself but others.

    This is not a bash post and is solely for showing my experience. Weather I win or loose in small claims court I don't care as long as others know to be aware.

    October 22 I purchased a silicone custom tail for professional mermaiding reasons under the impression that the said maker could fulfill the image I had in my head and drawings.

    I sent over numerous photos of finfolk and mernation and mertailor paint jobs to show the style I would like it to be before and after purchase which another tail was being worked on. I was asked to send PayPal friends and family and this should have been a big flag but I ignored it.

    My over all customer service experience was phenomenal. I was listened to and cared for and my ideas heard. She felt like a genuine friend.

    However due to time constraints and other things the process got a bit messy.

    I watched evey step of the way as this tail was made. Anything I thought looked odd or not right I assumed would look better when dry or be fixed later etc.

    We get to painting and the first layer is fine but as we build over it its almost fully gone. The paint colors chosen began being mixed together and little to no accents. As the paint and glitter grew I asked if we could change it, as yes it was the right colors per say but they were not correctly on it. I was told there wasnt anything she could do now and from then on I continued with very brief short replies of encouragement hoping the end piece would be better in the light when dry...

    Now the colors ended up being an issue however this is no big deal.
    One main issue is the amount of glitter that seems more every day glitter then mixed into pigment and silicone glitter. Just sheds everywhere on everything and the colors all mixed together just as more kind of messy looking craft product. The accents asked for are there kind of but missing real paint and if someone were to swim in it the pool would be full of glitter and the tail naked.

    The next thing is the construction.
    I sent a body form and later on measurements. The measurement were possibly read incorrectly or we may not have fully understood what each other was doing as its text communication only but had the second measurement been drastically different than the body form sent then we should have been notified to double check. So first thing it comes in and is up to my neck. My husband laughed in agony for me. As soon as it came in I video called to show all the issues. This was the first and only time it was tried on. .

    Next was silicone issues. After being told to cut down the top so I could at least see what needs to be fixed. And was told to pin in the sides so I could show it at the convention. I found many issues already.

    There was a strait rip down one scale that is very very clean. It went to the inside layer of the power mesh.

    The seams were very very messy

    There are patches of power mesh inside each fluke tip that's covered terribly

    The two halves do not meet up and there are holes all over the fluke.

    The power mesh on the inside of the seams is loose and not sealed all the way and will pull out easily after being swam in.

    During the build the niece ripped the fluke in multiple spots that were patch very messily.

    I originally asked for a partial refund for all of the issues. That way I can undo most of the tail and fix myself without cost of shipping back and forth. As well I had no trust that she had the skills to fix it cleanly and properly as originally discussed before payment.

    This was refused. I then asked to send it back and get a full refund. Yes this is not the norm but as a consumer I figured she could fix it her way and resell it as she asked to use it in photo shoots and renaissance festivals which will damage the tail as well. This was also refused.

    I do not have the faith or trust that the tail can be repaired properly by the seller. Paint needs to be redone meaning all the way down to the base through glitter. The silicone work needs to be redone. Rips etc need to be fixed cleanly. The size would have to take out almost all of the detail scales. The top came shedding hot glue and Pearl's. The tiara paid for came in shambles all of the quartz knocked over and loose. The wire holding it in was barely holding anything. The free shoes have been unworn due to not able to wear the tail at the convention with so many issues.

    Once I let her know my issues and frustrations I was blocked from all pages. As well as she has updated her terms and policy on the site to make sure I could not get it fixed or refunded. Luckily we have original media as well of the contract.

    This is an ongoing issue and I would like to do everything to get retribution as this was supposed to be my highest quality show tail and I can not even take a photo of it. She is charging 2600 and up.

    You could have 2 perfect mertailor for that
    A mernation
    Even beauty and brine.
    All professional high quality options.

    I did not choose these well known ones as I wanted to support small. She did not disclose that I was her second tail EVER until I asked for a refund. For the amount paid I expect a tail in flawless quality just like any other professional tail maker would offer and If one went so wrong id expect them to redo it priority timing or refund.

    I fully believe she has future art potential however I feel robbed of a experience and all of my funds to put into real professional tail.

    I am sharing all photos below with never being swam in or even moved more than once.”


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    Ugh that poor thing. I hope she gets her money back.

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    Yikes... I saw that on etsy and I said to myself that the tail didn't look worthy of what it was being sold for..
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