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Thread: Mernation full silicone tail & Top $1000

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    Mernation full silicone tail & Top $1000

    This is the tail in my profile picture.

    Custom Mertailor tail. No longer fits me and I haven't touched it in a very long time. I only swam with it two times, once in a salt pool and once in a lake.

    Lots of pictures here:


    Waist - 29"
    Hips - 34.5"
    Knee - 20"
    Ankle 16"
    Length from waist to ankle: 29"

    Monofin is a Finis Rapid

    Payment can be made through paypal. Shipping is at cost to your location. Prefer US but I am willing to ship intl.

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    The link doesn't seem to work took me to an Error 404 page

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    Sorry, I don't check this very often. It should work now.

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    it's a beautiful tail. I hope it finds a great home

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    Still available! Price is negotiable!

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    Which shoe size does the monofin have??

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