So, Swancon is on at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle this year. The Esplanade has a couple of pools which while not deep, are pretty pleasant to swim in - one has a deeper end too! So if anymer was going to Swancon, we're bringing our tails too.

But what is Swancon? It is Western Australia's Science Fiction and Fantasy in all their aspects Convention. It's run by the community, by volunteers and unlike Supernova or ComiCon once you're in the door pretty much everything is free, you're not lining up and paying for signatures, the panels, workshops, activities and gameplay are generally free. (or a small charge for materials)

Well we have been going to it for over 20 years, and enjoying myself hugely. Last year we took our tails and had a ready made costume for the masquerade, changing quickly in a dark corner and galumphing over to a lounge, much to the amusement of a friend who's in a powerchair. (Applauding by slapping your tail on the carpet startles two-legs, thought I should let you know.)

Swancon is from 15:00, 18th April 2019 to 18:00 22nd April 2019. There are currently day memberships available as well.