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Thread: Researchers witness Humpback Whale save seals life from Orca attack. But why?

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    Researchers witness Humpback Whale save seals life from Orca attack. But why?

    Marine researchers working with the BBC on Blue Planet witnessed humpback whales save a seal that was being hunted by an Orca pod. I find it fascinating that Humpbacks would feel empathy for another species. There have been numerous accounts of whales and dolphins intervening to save another creature (including humans).

    Itís not hard to imagine why humpbacks would rush to the rescue when another humpback whale is under attack. Because they migrate to and from the same breeding grounds where they were born, humpbacks are likely to encounter relatives. So a threatened calf might share some genes with a rescuer, making the apparently altruistic act of saving it somewhat self-interested.

    But why protect other species?

    The article is here if you want to know more

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    This is so hard to read! Why is your paragraph in different text sizes?
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    I donít know. It wasnít like that when I wrote it 🤔

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    That sometimes happens to me when I copy and paste something twice in the same post. That why I usually do a preview post
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    From what I've read in the past, it's not that uncommon for animals to help each other out. For example, dolphins! They have been known to protect dogs, whales and even humans before!

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