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Thread: Flashback Mermaiding

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    Flashback Mermaiding

    I made a video recently documenting way back when I first started mermaiding. It made me think it would be cool to have a flashback thread!

    Anyone who started a few years ago or even WAY back, it would be cool to see comparisons of where you were, and where you are. I'd love to see pics/videos of old tails (especially discontinued ones)

    Anyway, here's the video I made that sprung this idea~

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    I don't think I changed since 2014 (it was really more like 2011 but I didn't become active with mers til then), aside from wishing I had gotten a better/expensive tail a lot sooner. Mermaiding has always been about ME and finding a way to easily express the hippocampus I am.


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