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Thread: New in Maryland, USA

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    New in Maryland, USA

    Just following the rules and introducing myself. I'm Lexa and I live in the Baltimore, MD area.

    I do not yet own a tail. I've been looking at them for years but as a curvy woman, I was hesitant. I recently caught the tail end of a mer con and decided it's time to dive in. I've always been an avid swimmer and currently swim as my primary exercise due to joint pain issues so I may as well have fun with it. I have a pool in my back yard for warm weather and I'm hoping my gym will allow me to use a tail the rest of the year.

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    nice to meet you!

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    Hey, hi! whalecome!

    I live in PA but often drive down the DelMarVa Peninsula to plcees like Eastern Neck Island, the Sassafras River, Betterton Beach and Rock Hall. MD has some great hidden, uncrowded beaches.

    I grew up on Sea Hunt, Flipper and Jacques Cousteau... in farm country, with parents allergic to water. I remember loving it when the spring snowmelt turned our lower field into a marsh, I'd go out there in boots and splash around for hours.

    Now I kayak whenever I can, and have just acquired a tail... or two... I had always loathed surface swimming, always swam underwater or snorkeled (and learned to scuba dive) and always did a dolphin kick so this isn't too new in a way.

    Firm believer in merfolk being any size, shape, gender, age, whatever.

    As a 63 year old who is not skinny, has arthritic issues (mermaids hate walking), but has some water handy (school pools, local lakes, the Chesapeake Bay) I love this as a way to stay healthy and confident in yourbeautifulself.

    For those random places who do not allow mertails (because someone did a duh) Fin Fun and other places sell merscaled leggings that you could wear with a pair of fins. Also nice for places a tail would be inconvenient (like ocean surf).

    Love my Fin Fun stuff. Affordable and gorgeous.

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    Iím a little late to the party here. Welcome! My home is in Silver Spring, but Iíve been staying in these dorms in Baltimore for a training program during the week. Glad to see another Maryland mer on here!

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    There are some great places on the east side of the Bay to get beach shots (underwater footage can be murky): Eastern Neck Island, Rock Hall, the Sassafras River. I'm planning to haul the tail in the kayak this summer, and haul out in the tidal pond just west of Turner's Creek Landing. It's one of many areas of the Sass full of lotus (mid-July to mid-August), shallow water, sandbars, would be great place to stage a photoshoot, but you need a boat.

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    welp, randomly changed my screen name to the one I used everywhere else, and modified the avatar, so if confused, still Teanna...

    Maryland is really a great place to explore the Bay. Assateague Island is great too!

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    a quick fix for the random pooll that does not allow monofins or tails is a pair of fins and mermaid leggings... you can still swim underwater with a dolphin kick and do all the normal stuff you'd do... practice for when you do put the tail on...


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