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Thread: Mer Gathering Summer 2012?

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    How California Monterey Bay or Half Moon Bay. I read a book about mermaids in Half Moon Bay.

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    I think that may be a little too far away for most of us

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    It sounds like most of us are tapped here in Chicago (including myself ugg parents and no car) so why not have the reunion in Chicago? I live in the suburbs and I know of some places where I think swimming would be ok (I gotta do some farther digging though)
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    PS I'm glad to know I'm not the youngest for once XD 16!!!! wooo!
    My heart is pierced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold,
    There is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold.
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    Apparently I'm gonna be able to go to the beach a lot starting in a few weeks, if it was in Chicago, I might be able to come. Depending the work schedule of a family member.

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    How are weekends looking in July? Right now I am so free, it's actually annoying. I tutor, so I'm stuck here at home, while all the kids I teach go off to exotic locales for vacation. So far, no one in the 5 years I've taught has offered to sneak me into their suitcase and take me with. lol. I keep telling them that I'd totally fit into a large suitcase, too!

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    You're all on the opposite side of the lakes....I live on the edge of the East shore of Lake Ontario. It's quite gorgeous...there's even a pirate town and festival's...That would be a great meetup for summer. It's the 3rd week in Aug.

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    I was thinking that perhaps those who were inclined could have a bit of a meet up at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. It's a really big fest that is tons of fun and has a lot to offer for entertainment & a weekends adventures + this year Merbellas will be performing. I'll be there every weekend of the event as I'll be working one of the booths so if anyone is going to stop by let me know

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    Any mermaids from Lake Erie or Lake Ontario? Those are Great Lakes too... Right?

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    I have a thread going right now too. about a mermaid meet up in the summer of 2013... I put a poll on their on your choice of a meet up. Check it out.

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    I think maybe Walborn Resevouir would be a good meet up place. Them I could come too! that would be great! Also maybe in July or August in myrtle beach. Date and place yet to be confirmed. But any who this would be really fun! )

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    By the way Walborn is in Ohio, near the Akron/Canton area.

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    It Lake Erie, but not for swimming, it's pretty dirty. :l bleh

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    *Or* lake...

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    I know it's probably not a possibility since it is down in KY which would be a very long drive for most people, but I think red river gorge would be a cool place to take some photos and possibly swim some. I guess there could also be a few different meeting places on different dates so people stuck together in similar places could meet with other mers who could travel to locations near them versus choosing just one place and date that not everyone could make.


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