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    What fabric is good for making a tail?

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    spandex or lycra
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    Yeah, spandex/lycra (pretty sure one is a trade name for the other, but forget which is which), neoprene, stuff found in the 'performance fabrics' or 'swimwear fabrics' categories. Subquestion / correct me if I'm wrong question: the Yaya Han mermaid scale fabric they have at Joann isn't technically 'performance fabric' for use in the water, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Clara View Post
    spandex or lycra

    I'm gonna take a guess and say "no." According to the Joanns website it's a weird mix of fabrics: 60% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), 30% Polyester, 10% Polyurethane
    Probably not very breathable. It also says to wash it in non-chlorine bleach so probably not safe to take into a pool.

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    Yeah, I'm gonna poke my head in here and reinforce my warning to any and all costume makers as a former Joanns worker who's been cautioning everyone using the material - YaYa Han fabric is actually an allergen hazard - they use a chemical to maintain brightness that causes a severe reaction in some folks, as well as used in non-fashion applications in more potent quantities. When that ripoff of good performance fabric hit the market - a cosplayer was hospitalized when she used the overpriced material in her costume and sweated heavily in it.

    It is also not durable at all. The 'spandex' fabric scales are very tacky to the touch, and scuff down to a base silver in both scales, and 'metallic' solids. Price wise they're asking $20+ to the yard for sub-par material compared to the cheaper and more durable (AND SAFER) generic brands.

    That being said - please PLEASE don't use it for making a swimming tail! If it's just for land-use - I strongly suggest a layer of fabric between the YaYa and your skin to offer at least a layer of protection. I don't know if they've really changed the material since the initial eruption of incidents, but I'm not holding much water in that tarp.


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