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Thread: Help with how to cut a finis trainer?

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    Help with how to cut a finis trainer?

    Hi, does anyone on here happen to know how to cut a Finis Trainer to fit a FinFolk fabric tail? The Sea Nymph fluke? I bought the monofin off of eBay and I'll be receiving it next week. I really don't want to end up ruining the monofin by cutting it wrong or using the wrong tools. It's a Finis Trainer 1 if that makes any difference. I think it's made of fiberglass and I'm not sure whether that's safe to cut but according to FinFolk it is? Idk but I'd really appreciate if anyone knows how to cut one of these right because I certainly don't XD! (or maybe I think I might know?? but I just don't want to ruin it???)

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    Oh okay thanks so much!!

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