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Thread: Mer map

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    Mer map

    Does anyone know where I can find the mer map on here please? I'm trying to find out if theres any pods or merfolk I can meet up with near me

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    it used to be the button right beside the forum, but it has been broken for a long time now.
    Better ask in your pod forums.

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    Try checking/asking on fb. Some locations (such as my area in Texas) are more active on Facebook

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    In Firefox it still works when using a workaround:

    go to about:config, search for security.mixed_content.block_active_content and toggle the setting. Then you can view the map. When the page has load, toggle it back.

    Please note that this is a dangerous setting as it has a huge security impact (HTTPS can be bypassed since a JS is loaded over a insecure location).
    Since this setting affects all pages, you should not have it permanently disabled.


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