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Thread: Lafayette, Indiana?

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    Scout are you a man? I unfortunatly cannot meet with a man alone, for religious reasons. Maybe we could get a big group of us all to come?

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    Were you there recent? They refer to me as their "resident mermaid" and were so excited to tell me when they saw two women swimming in their tails, I wondered if it was someone from our mernetwork.

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    Could have been us? Iím there 2 to 3 days a week and thereís always the 3 of us but sometimes I bring up to 5 merfolk there are a couple of Mers Iíve been talking to over Facebook who also attend that y.... Iím trying to put together an official pod... mind if I add you to my Facebook? Iím trying to make an official chat!

    Mermaid Belukha

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    I woukd love nothing more than to swim with a group of mermaids, or even just have a cup of coffee and talk with you all. I just got my tail in January. Do any of you work professionally?

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    Also I am an aquacise instructor at creasy lane YMCA and I am trying to get a Mermaid exercise class for adults going, is that something you would be interested in?

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    My daughter is just breaking the scene in working professionally, and Iím willing to take her as far as she wants to go with that. I would totally be interested in that! Iíve been monofinning for over a decade and already have freediving certs and my own workout routine, but I think itíd be a great way to meet more mers... and find ones who didnít know they were!

    Mermaid Belukha

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    I am a full blown woman! Otherwise these bras have been an unnecessary expense for years xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by scout View Post
    I am a full blown woman! Otherwise these bras have been an unnecessary expense for years xD

    Mermaid Belukha

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    Hiii, I live in Crawfordsville, IN, about 45 min from Lafayette

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    I live in a small town called Bargersville, IN. It's a bit of a drive to Lafayette, but I would love to meet some fellow mers sometime!

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    I'm from Logansport, which is about an hour from Lafayette! Maybe once I get my tail done, I can pop up at the meetings!

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    Oh my gosh! look at all these mers! I thought I was alone in Indiana. I'm so glad I created this thread. I didn't have the funds to keep my ymca membership and kind of stopped coming on here. I'm back though and thinking of getting my membership back. I'd love to meet up sometime!


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