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Originally known as Mermaid Parties, Fish Butts was founded in early 2012. The company operates out of Colorado, and offers fabric tails and latex tails. Their tails feature a custom monofin made of polycarbonate.

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Thread: Fish Butts

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    2 out of 5 rating for Fish Butts

    Okay so here we go, After waiting about 5- 5 ½ months I got a Full Silicone tail from Fishbutts, It was ordered in a metallic turquoise and black color. However, the final photo revealed it to be the chosen color. But when I received the tail it was actually a shade of a powdery/periwinkle blue color which reveals the monofin slightly while in water (it’s a tinted color not painted over the tail.).. I received the tail about an about two hours before a party, so I looked it over. It weighs about 28-30 lbs. which was expected.

    The Body: Inside is made of a Neoprene mesh fabric. The scales are nice and uniform, but there were some places where it was a bit thin so I filled those open spaces with sil poxy. The tail was quite high; that I’m pretty sure was an issue on my part because I didn’t take into account the length with the competitor monofin. So when I put it on it reached my um “Seashells”. In which I had to cut down a bit which was highly nerve wrecking cause of where my dorsal fin was set at.

    Dorsal and heel fins: are well connected,
    Seams: The seams on my tail are a bit bulky on one side, which has quite a lot of silicone on it. But the other side is perfect.

    The Fluke: The biggest thing I didn’t know was the competitor’s monofin spacing if about a half inch to an inch wider than I expected the ankle area is a bit tight. Now the fluke isn’t sealed at all, it has some holes for water to escape through which in turn makes the fluke super heavy when filled with water which can be a concern considering I’m pushing myself hard to swim which in turn bring the dreaded leg cramp. I’ve spoken to other Mers who have this competitor fin and it’s either sealed completely or watertight. So most likely I will have to seal the tail completely.

    Overall: Don’t get me wrong I do understand that not everything that is handmade is 100% perfect, but the fact that I have to do quite a bit of sealing etc. on the tail, it turns out to be more of an out of pocket expense, than expected.


    Photo sent to me:

    And the actual tail: http://imageshack.us/a/img198/5937/y8p2.jpg
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    1 out of 5 rating for Fish Butts

    I had ordered a tail in April 2013 - I paid for it when ordered - sent emails inquiring about order and only got automated response.
    It is now August 29, 2013 - the websie is down - paypal will not help - and no contact information is available. Would like to hear from someone if they have any suggestions. I did contact Credit Card company and they are looking into matter. Further I contacted the Police and started a fraud complaint.


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