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Thread: Full Dragonskin Individual Scale Tail Commission $1500

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    Post Full Dragonskin Individual Scale Tail Commission $1500

    Hello, everyone! I have gotten more experienced at tailmaking and am ready to offer custom commissions! I have been wanting to make another full silicone tail for a while and would love to bring someone's dream to life! I am offering such a low price because of my abilities and that I know how hard it is to afford a tail financially sometimes. The tail I made for myself with progress pictures is under the forum Making Seawing: My First Full Silicone Tail. Here's the link!!

    Please feel free to message if you are interested! I hope everyone has a great day!

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    Do you have a facebook or instagram?

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    Yes I do, but it is more personal and not for selling/making tails

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    I would love one! But sadly I don't have the money

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    The blue tail looks great, have you done any since then?
    Serious Sirenetics

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    Yes, although I did work on it in collaboration with the owner of Purple Mermaid Studios. Here is the link to the youtube video of the tail------

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    Still no bites! I would be willing to bring it down to $1000-a special deal for this summer! I just really want to bring another tail to life

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    I love how your tail looks and I would love to buy one but i dont have any money


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