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Thread: Looking for a fabric tail

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    Looking for a fabric tail

    Honestly anything, if you be got an old tail that you would like to sell, hit me up

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    If you have a monofin why not look for a cheap tail to start yourself our . I've bought a finfun limited edition one that fits the lindon monofin.

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    Check out Fin Fun! You can get a brand new tail for the same price that most people would ask for their used tail

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    I'm gonna throw my vote in for FinFun also - it's the one I decided on for my 1st tail two months ago. Cost was a concern and I waffled between SunTails and FinFun, but FF won out bc I'd also gotten the Linden monofin (I wanted something heavy duty & stiff, not foam) and I read an Amazon review saying Linden would fit in FF. (It does, barely) I definitely don't regret the extra $20-30 going with FinFin, I LOVE my tail

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    Iím also a FinFun fan, though itís not like Iíve tried other tails. But FinFun is easy to use, itís affordable, and they have a ton of color and pattern options. They even have a custom template.

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    Mime should be with me next Wednesday. I'm in the process of making my own tail for the mahina lol.

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    I went with FinFun as my 1st tail as well. Fast delivery, look great, good price. Was the perfect starter tail.

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    Homemade was my first tail, then a Magictail because I was enthralled with H2o mermaid tails!
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    I have a FinFolk tail that I just posted to sell its Island Iris Tail as a little hole in it I Iím selling my XL Island Iris Fin Folk Mermaid Tail

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