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Thread: Making a tail with spacer fabric

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    Such tropical colors!

    I feel you on the back pain. For my very first painted tail I made the mistake of trying to push through the back pain. Got hit with a twinge that ended up with me laying down on the wet paint, unable to get up until someone came home to help O_O. Had to order all new fabric by the end of it, too (my own fault though. I have a lifetime of trying to push through pain and lupus just laughing right back at me, so I should have known better!)

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    Pretty colours!
    Your imagination is your only limit

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    Your tail looks amazing! I hope one day I can make something as amazing but can I ask a few questions? New mermaid here and looking for some tips and your using materials I have been debating on using one day.
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    Okay Thank You, I really appreciate it.

    1) Where did you buy your fabric from? (I live in Canada)
    2) What paint are you using?
    3) How do you make it so the paint does not wash off in water (I am a pool swimmer)?
    4) Is this material durable? Or is it like spandex and will stretch out quickly?
    5) How did you do your measurements? I see so many ways to do measurements and I am a plus size new mer and am looking for the easiest way to measure to make a good tail (I made a tail already but it is not the best and it is all stretched out due to the material I used)
    ~There are fish in the sea of every shape and size, be proud and love the fish you are~

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    Fabric is from I used the 4 way stretch spacer $18 a yard.

    Using permaset aqua and lumiere paint. You have to heat set the paint when it's all painted.

    My husband drew round be on to a big sheet of paper on the floor and helped measure myself. I followed courtney mermaid as to how to do it all.
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    Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it. And yes I love courtney mermaid just have not watched her tail tutorial yet, maybe I should do that . Again thank you so so so much for your help you have made this new-mer very happy!
    ~There are fish in the sea of every shape and size, be proud and love the fish you are~

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    Bless you hun. That's no pro lemon at all. I forgot to answer 1 question about if the material stretches out etc. I dont know yet as this is my first time using it but courtney has used it from day 1 and all her printed tails are allused using this spacer fabric. I will say however, I live in the UK and our import taxes are shocking, and I know through courtney they import tax in Canada is a bit shocking too. If your on Facebook you can add me if you like, theres a whole other world of mer pods too. My name is Yolanda Alderson and my profile picture is a sexy Arel tattoo with a sea horse

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