Hey y'all! Just wanted to give a big shout out to Purple Mermaid Studios. This month my PM tail is celebrating its THIRD birthday!!!

I've used it for modeling (underwater and on land), parades, public appearances, birthday parties, and more. I've swam in lakes and rivers, the ocean, and chlorinated pools. It has held up FANTASTICALLY.

The color is still vibrant and bright, the silicone is all still intact, and I've had no issues with mildew because of the drainage holes and how easy it is to rinse out. The only thing I've had to add is a Mernation gap wrap because I've lost some weight in the past three years and I broke the monofin (which shows you how rough I can be on some of my tails). I fixed my monofin and my tail is good as new - I'll be using it this summer in addition to my new PM tail I'm ordering this month!

I can't possibly recommend her hybrid tails more for a first-time silicone tail. It's a great transition from fabric to silicone and even after owning a full silicone tail, I still enjoy swimming in my hybrid the most. Can't wait to update my review when I get my newest addition to my family - tail #11!