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Thread: Full silicone mermaid tail for sale

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    Full silicone mermaid tail for sale

    This is my first tail using my new fluke and fin moulds. Unfortunately the dummy i made of myself last year has stretched so this tail came out a little too big! Rather than alter it to my size I’m going to sell it to someone it will fit and make another. It has little notable if duochrome pigments.

    My size is
    Waist 69cm
    hips 93cm
    feet-waist 93cm
    knee to waist 52cm
    hips to wast 20cm
    Dress size 8/10
    Feet size 3/5

    However the tail is overall a little baggy and too long so will be perfect for someone a little bigger and taller. Comes with mermaid bra size 34B
    Postage in the uk is £50 I can post elsewhere but it will cost a little extra.

    I'm looking for around 1000

    It will not let me upload any images so i will provide a link to images and a video below.
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    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post pictures so here’s a link to an Instagram oost of the tail

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    Looks amazing. How much are you wanting to sell it for though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottish Mer View Post
    Looks amazing. How much are you wanting to sell it for though?
    I have just realized I've missed lots out of this post haha! Mernetwork doesn't work so well on my phone. I'm looking for around £1000.


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