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    Hey all! So new to mermaiding and looking into fabric tails and i read last year swimtails had some bad reviews and not so great customer service? Has anyone ordered recently and had good service? Any idea on how fast products take to be produced, shipped and delivered? Any good reviews of tails? Any help or tips is much appreciated!

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    They're all bad reviews recently. You run the risk of losing your money or not getting your tail. Usually both. The customer service is pretty shonky. I'd say if you were going to spend that much money, you can get a much better tail from Mertailor or the Finfolk fabric tails.
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    I suggest finfun, mertailor or finfolk. I would not get anything from swimtails if I were you. But just my opinion. If you want to for sure get a tail from tehm, just be careful and proceed with caution.
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    BBB has a warning on them. people are still saying they have not gotten tails they ordered back in Oct. 2018 and they posted it in 3/2019 on the BBB site. Anyone post negitve stuff on FB ot IG it gets erased and they get banned (even if they have an order pending or owed money) advice RUN from them. go with the others mentioned above

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    Makes sense as to why they have so many specials on their site! Such a shame their designs are beautiful! I already ordered a tail from mertailor and ive been impatiently waiting for finfolk to release their new line

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    Yeah just wait till the end of May for Finfolk to release their new summer tails.
    I'm one of the people who ordered from swimtails back in September of 2018 and have still not seen any refund from them. Waiting just a bit longer is better then losing $350+ dollars and having nothing to show for it.
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    I ordered a tail from them April 2019, it was the koi fish tail in their pro line, I got it about a month later. They seem to be responding to facebook messages. I took a risk with my tail as they don’t seem to have an option to pay with PayPal or anything like that. The tail I got is very good quality though if you are willing to take the risk

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