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Thread: Super Monofin by Magictail

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    Super Monofin by Magictail

    Hey merfolks,

    I was just wondering has anyone used the Super monofin that is offered by the German tailmaker Magictail? If so, what is it like? Is it any different to their other monofins? How much push does it have? Is it more or less than the original fin? I was just curious as I'm considering getting myself a Magictail since I miss that feeling of having a fabric tail, and my first proper tail was a Magictail.

    If anyone has used it or has it in their tail, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    I've not got any of their monofins but from what I see, they're still using polycarbonate for their monofins. They break easily. Its why Fin Fun changed their monofins to the current model.
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