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    Well how the hell have I done that. Scales the wrong way round I'm so pissed off with myself. Name:  20190525_170927.jpg
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    Lol! You poor thing! It honestly still looks fine though, people won't notice, it's a pretty small detail. Heck, you're an even more special mermaid! haha

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    Yeah friggin special needs. I really dont bloody know what my brain was thinking. Shall I just keep going or turn it round?

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    Deffo. Right I've put a thick layer of the pink paint over the top and I think x2 layers is gonna cover it. Few lol

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    That looks really amazingly cool! Well done! Love the fins!
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    nice job! we've all been there haha

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    That tail looks amazing!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Avalynn View Post
    That tail looks amazing!!!
    Thanks hun it's getting there lol heres an update and I've ran out of gold paint lol. Sides to do and more scales to go down the centre of the fluke to small scales. Gold detail in the fins, heat set then sequins lolName:  IMG_20190526_224703_891.jpg
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    Oof I can relate.
    On my first tail when I was painting on the scales, I put it on the form wrong and I started painting the fluke on the waist area and vice versa. I didn't realize my mistake until I had finished an entire side. Needless to say, my first tail wasn't used much. I moved on to making tail #2 VERY quickly haha.
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    Any more tail updates? Really want to see a pic of the finished tail!

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    OMG that looks so beautiful. You are so talented! I hope that one day I can make a tail as beautiful as this one, have you made other tails like this before?
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    This is my first time making a tail. Again I just followed courtney mermaid. She has full tutorials on step by step making the tail

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