Ok, I've tried selling this a few times in the past but just couldn't bring myself to do it, but now that my pupper has cancer and needs extremely expensive treatment, I'm finally ready to sell for good. It's in great shape other than a tear at the hip that I patched (see photos).

This tail includes ankle fins and scale tipping upgrades.
New tails start at $5,500 base price (no extra fins, scale tipping, etc) and the makers are currently not taking new silicone tail orders.
Here are the measurements I gave Finfolk Productions when I had it commissioned (they said to take two measurements for each):

Waist (at belly button): 28.5, 28
Hips (widest portion at hip bone): 33.5, 33.75
Butt: 40, 40
Mid Thigh: 31.25, 31
Knees: 23, 23
Calves (widest portion): 21, 21
Ankles: 14, 14

(Keep the measuring tape against the length of your body.)

Waist to Floor: 42 (straight to floor) 43.5 contoured
Waist to Hip: 3.5, 3.75
Waist to Butt: 9, 9
Waist to Mid Thigh: 16.74, 16.5
Waist to Knee: 23.5, 24
Waist to Ankle: 40, 39.5
Knee to Floor:20, 20
Knee to Calf: 7, 7
Knee to Ankle: 15, 15.5

Shoe Size: 10 Women’s
For reference I am 5' 9"

I prefer shipping within the US to avoid issues with customs, etc. Thank you!

Posting link to my Facebook posting because I can't seem to upload my photos here.