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    My mermaid name is Ani. I have liked mermaids since I was 6. It started when I was wanting to swim. It was also Fall I went out to the pool. I just jumped in! It was freezing! I stayed in the pool for about 3 minutes though -_- my parents then saw.... It wasn’t that funny then, but I laugh about it now. My sister who was only 8 at the time was convinced I was a mermaid after I did this. She ran a series of “experiments” on me to see if I was “real.” That was what got me familiar with mermaids and as I got older I just started knowing more and more about them. To the point where I had bought 3 fabric tails and started saving up for a silicone. I was 11 at the time so I’m pretty proud of myself for getting all the money. I’m 17 now. All though in my mind I’m pretty sure I’m a 5 year old. That’s really all there is about me. Bye!

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