Back in June 2018 Nyola and I ordered our dream Swimtails tails, just before Australia changed its tax rules on imports. There was a degree of uncertainty about how imports would be handled at that stage and we didn't know if we'd be charged a lot of Goods and Services Tax on the items, so we asked Swimtails if they could expedite the order - a couple of Pro tails plus a top for me.

Swimtails wrote back quickly and said fine, absolutely and true to their word got everything done and shipped, and they came in good time, and we weren't charged extra tax. Great! We loved the tails and swam in them at least once, more often twice or three times a week with great joy.

In December we noticed that the lining in the top was degrading. I was careful to put it into fresh water after swimming. The tail was fine and showed no signs of wear. So I went looking to buy another matching top. Swimtails website does not allow one to buy a separate top so I wrote to Swimtails on the 18th of February 2019 and asked if I could somehow buy one.

They then said that they would look and see if they had one they could send me free of charge. I thought that was very nice and saved me $60 and postage!

So then there was a series of emails between me and Swimtails customer service with me asking if they'd sent it, them saying they had, me saying it hadn't turned up, them saying they'd send another with a tracking number, me asking for the tracking number and so on until in May I patiently started sending reminders every two days. On the 16th of May I received a tracking number. This sat in Swimtails office for about 8 days, (and after another reminder was given by me to Swimtails) then delivered to USPS to get under way.

My top has arrived! It's the right colour and size. I am very satisfied that Swimtails offered this replacement completely free of charge, that was very good of them.

I was polite, patient and understanding throughout the entire exchange. I believe that Swimtails timeliness could have used some work and that if they say they are going to do something they should not need multiple reminders to do so, and should not say something has been sent when it has not.

I love Swimtails new designs and leggings but I will have a good long think before I order from them. I am really happy that the top arrived, I've got to give them kudos for that.