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Thread: new mermaid near sacramento CA!

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    new mermaid near sacramento CA!

    hey guys! my name's camille and i'm a costume artist living near sacramento CA. i'm looking to expand my costume performance repertoire, as well as living out all my six year old dreams haha! <3

    i'm super interested in the community and would love to join some local groups and learn more about where i can hang out with other merms.

    i also have tattoos and am hoping it won't be too much of a hindrance as i get on my... fins? as i don't see many other merms who have them. i love my ink and don't want to cover it up, but i also don't want anything to look out of place. do any of you guys have ink and perform? what kind of reactions did you get?

    nice to meet you all! <3

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork. Mermaid Kelly has tattoos and it never stopped her from getting a gig.

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    You should come to the California Mermaid Con in July! It's located in Sacramento!

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    Also I have two half sleeves and in 11 years have only had to cover my tats once.

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    Welcome! I have always admired costume designers- I'm not very good at sewing myself but have been thinking about trying to pick it up again. Looking forward to seeing your mermaid designs

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    I live around Sacramento! Have you heard of the California Mermaid Convention, its in Sacramento in July!
    I wouldn't worry about having to cover up your tattoos, there are mermaids out there who have tattoos who don't cover them up.
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    ania, i would love to! hopefully i'll be able to buy a ticket on saturday because i feel i'll have a lot to learn from the panels, but i'd at the very least like to attend one of the free days.

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    clara, i have now haha! i'm really excited about it and would love to go. and thanks for the encouragement <33

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    aw thank you lily! <3 i'm already working on a freshwater lily pad ensemble and a kelp forest inspired oceanic one. super excited to apply my prop making skills to mermaid stuff as well!

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    thanks slim!

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