Hey everybody! I know I haven't been on the forum in what feels like forever, but there's an announcement I have to share with you all. I'm a die hard fan of the Sims Franchise, and there's been some exciting news.

Yesterday was EA Play, Electronic Arts's big convention, and they were speculated to announce new DLC for the Sims 4. There were various leaks showing similar content to the Sims 3: Island Paradise, which contained a tropical world, and of course, mermaids.

The Pack Island Living was officially announced yesterday, and along with it, the addition of mermaids. Though we've long had custom tails in our game, courtesy of the amazing Merman Simmer, we now will have mermaids as an official life state! They have an aquatic form that shows when they swim, similar to vampires' dark forms, and even more special powers than they had in the Sims 3. There are tons of custom tails and makeup specifically for mermaids, and they're going to be such a cool addition to the game!