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Thread: New Mermaid from MD

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    New Mermaid from MD

    My name is Mermaid Medley, and I wanted to introduce myself.

    I am a new mermaid from MD and currently have no friends who are merfolk. I joined this site hoping to find other merfolk who live near me, and possibly become friends with them.
    I have always loved the water, and felt pulled towards the ocean. It wasn't until I learned that professional mermaids exist that I realized where I wanted to be. So I bought a tail, and I've never felt more at home in my body! I feel like I have discovered a new part of myself, and I can't wait to explore!
    I have always felt drawn to picking up shiny objects, collecting seashells, and other odds and ends and this characteristic is actually how I found my mermaid name!
    My first (and only) tail is one that I purchased from FinFun, and its the Malaysian Mist Mermaid Tail. I am hoping that I can one day own the Moon Maiden Whimsy tail from Mertailor, it is beautiful and I love anything having to do with the moon.

    I'd love to get to know some of you! How did you discover you wanted to be a mermaid? How long have you been mermaiding? Any tips for a newbie?

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    Welcome to the mernetwork. There has been an increase with mers from MD so you may find it easier to find mers in your area.
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    That’s good to hear! I hope I can find some soon ^_^

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