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Thread: Mermaid Kat Tails

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    Mermaid Kat Tails

    Hey everyone.

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Mermaid Kat tail (from Germany). I've tried one on and it fits well.

    Could anyone share their experiences of these tails, both good and bad.

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    Camilla Jayne

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    Are you talking about Mermaid Kat's fabric tails or silicone tails?

    I have had a mermaid kat fabric tail for 3 years now. It's still in good condition. No broken seams, no tears, no holes etc. I like that the fluke is slightly bigger than that of finfun's. I like that the footpockets are adjustable and VERY comfortable. I don't have blisters or painful feet, ever.

    I don't like that the footpockets are sorta far apart. Kinda ruins the mermaid illusion in some pics. I don't like that the fabric is kinda thin (most fabric tails have this problem though), I solved this by making a nude inner tail. I don't think they look very pretty on photographs. When I look at the amazing underwater and land pictures of finfolk fabrics and mertailor whimsys, all I can think is how my mermaid kat fabric can never look that photogenic, no matter how good the photographer or the scenery.

    Overall, I like my tail, it has been my loyal friend for 3 years. But I have a full fluke mythic on the way and will buy a finfolk fabric later this year. Then I will probably never use my mermaid kat tail ever again.

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    I have the sweam hydra which is the same monofin, they just changed the shape of the fin so it looks more mermaidy. I got torn pain off it lol

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