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Thread: Maryland Mermaids where are you?

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    Maryland Mermaids where are you?

    Iím a new mermaid from Maryland and Iím looking for some merfriends! I donít have any merfriendd, and I wanted to see if any of you lived close to me who wanted a friend!

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    Yo! Silver Spring mer here! I wouldíve responded earlier but I was camping and didnít have service.

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    Awesome! My uncle lives over that way! Nice to meet you ^_^ I'm from the Westminster/Hampstead area

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    I’m in Baltimore Maryland... new Maryland mermaid here.

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    Nice to meet you! Have you joined the Discord group yet? Iím so glad to have another Maryland mermaid 😊

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    I have not! I’m still learning my way around here lol.

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