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Thread: How wide is the Mahina

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    How wide is the Mahina


    I'm ordering the Mahina next month and was just wondering how wide it is? Most places I've seen has said 70 x 80, but is it the widest part that is 80 cm? Anyone got the Mahina who wouldn't mind checking how many cm. it is from the tip to the other tip?

    Edit: Found the answer on here right after posting... (I had been looking for a long time before posting and right after I decide to post I find the answer) So sorry :l
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    You're going to LOVE your Mahina fin! I have a switmails pro tail with that fin & its amazing.

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    Yeah I've only really seen amazing things about it I'm sewing my own tail for it ans was worried about not having ordered enough fabric but I think it's going to be fine. ^^ Can't wait to get it next month.

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    I have to add a few experiences with the Mahina: when I first tried it, at a local lake, it went on fine over my neoprene socks, and I watched underwater weeds whipping by at a great rate.

    When I took it to the pool, I had various trouble getting my huge wide feet into the largest size they make... socks of any sort stuck and pulled on my toes.

    Yesterday, went to a beach on the Chesapeake Bay with friends. The wind was coming ashore off the bay with a few miles of fetch, nice big rolly waves but not quite like an ocean beach. Took the Mahina for a spin...

    A. zero trouble getting it on (was it the baby powder, that should have washed off???).
    B. Fabulous fit.
    C. Fabulous power; I could easily swim around in the waves, get up to "surfing speed" (like I do in the kayak) and surf in.

    Disclaimer here: I got an advanced open water scuba certification and have been swimming with fins and a dolphin kick for years. I had used the Mahina in calmer water before and knew how it worked. I also knew the beach I was on very well (a sandy, gently sloping bay beach, but with rocky breakwaters).This fin does have enough power to deal with conditions more challenging then a pool... BUT you need to know your water, your skills, and your limitations.And I still wouldn't play in harsher ocean surf.

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