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Thread: New Mermaid from Denmark

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    New Mermaid from Denmark


    I'm not technically a mermaid yet but I'm on it. Bought fabric for my first tail and I'm getting a Mahina fin first thing next month ^^ My friend has been mermaiding for a while and got me hooked on the whole thing so here I am. I've honestly been pretty terrified of water since I was small and can't swim that well yet. No I'm not planning on jumping in first thing in my tail and monofin and drown :P I'm planning on training my swimming with my legs not tied together first.
    I do like sewing a lot which is why I'm going for making my tail before learning to swim (which might seem backwards to some but the whole making of the tail is really appealing to me and I can always do on-land-shoots with my tail)

    Hope to make new merfriends here.

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