Sorry! I've posted something similar in another part of the forum but I didn't know there was a section specifically for mertailor tails. I was wondering how stretchy are mertailor's guppy tails? I've only owned a few fin fun tails. With fin fun I've been an XL; however because of how the fabric is, I could easily slip into a large. With that being said, I'm wondering how snug are mertailor's guppy tails are because according to his charts I'd fit in an XL. Because of my experience with being able to fit into a smaller fin fun size, I was wondering if I could do the same with his brand. I was thinking to either buy one of these or an Atlantis tail. I don't want to buy it too small and it won't fit nor if it's too large so it becomes baggy. So my question is how forgiving are they?