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Thread: Hello from Prince George BC Canada

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    Hello from Prince George BC Canada

    Hello! My name is Michelle but my mermaid name will be MermaidJupiter (I love sailor jupiter, have since I was a kid). I am 35 years old and was introduced to mermaiding last year. I have made 1 tail (working on another one hopefully) but it was not the best as I am still learning how to make a pattern and measure myself. I am really excited about this community and I am happy to say we have a small pod here in my city which is great. I want to learn more about tail making and how to become a semi-professional mermaid (really want to do kids parties), but atm I am not confident in my abilities but maybe one day

    I am curious though about a few things that might make it difficult for me. I cannot hold my breath due to my asthma, I cannot open my eyes under water, and I cannot swim without a noseplug (cannot seem to keep pesky water out of my nose). Will these limitations prevent me from being a mermaid at birthday parties? I am sure I can learn to swim with my eyes open but not the nose thing, been trying for years and just cannot do it. Anywhoo I look forward to meeting some of you fine folks on here and making some mer-pals nearby and all across the world.
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    Welcome to the Mernetwork. Those limitations will not prevent you from doing parties. Sinus savers are almost invisible for the nose plug solution.

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    Think I'm gonna have to get some. Nose clips keep sliding off lol. I have a very oily nose

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    First of all welcome! I have a group for Canadians on Facebook if you want to join:

    Breath holding will come, even with asthma. I have 3 mermaids who work for me with Asthma and all 3 ended up being totally fine! They also went on to take freediving courses where all 3 held the breath for 2 minutes eventually! Swimming has shown to have very positive effects on asthma. Dont stress yourself out about needing to hold your breath or get your eyes open all the time! It comes naturally as you have fun

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    Thank you, and I joined the fb page . I discovered mermaiding was a through from finding Courtney Mermaid on Youtube and Raina Mermaid, and a friend of mine, I had no idea this was a real thing, like something people did professionally until last year. I have been slightly obsessed with learning all about it since then and giving it a try myself. I hope breath holding and opening eyes under water (icky pool water) eventually are things I can do but I am not sure if not getting tons of water up my nose will happen lol I might need to try out a sinus saver though they kinda look painful and uncomfortable I have fun regardless, we have a local small pod which is nice so I get to swim with others who are teaching me about mermaiding more and more each time we meet.
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