Ok I was wondering if any of y’all are also tail collectors? I really want to get a tail from multiple tail makers because each is a beautiful piece of art! I have a Mernation tail paid for lol has been paid for for 2 years! I want to buy a mertailor spell bound, I want a finfolk silicone tail and mythic full fluke and all the fins, I want a merbellas silicone tail, and a silicone from beauty and brine! Witch I guess makes me a collector of beautiful tails! I have a fabric fantasea fin original tail from mertailor as well as a AHE from fin folk and a fantasea fin 3 and skin comeing from mertailor! Lol maybe I aim to be a tail horder not collector lol but mermaiding is the only thing that brings me joy right now! And I know this is an impossible dream but it is still nice to think about!

What about y’all? Any tail collectors out there?

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