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Thread: Hi Mer Famiily <3

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    Hi Mer Famiily <3

    Hi to everyone, the mer family I haven't met yet! I'm so excited to be here.
    I have been mystified with mermaids and sirens for as long as I can remember!
    I was born in the bath tub and spent a lot of time on the water growing up on my Dad's boat.
    (he's a fisherman, and got his diving licence) which sparked my consciousness about ocean life. Now like many of you am a proud spoke-mer for ocean life! I love making my own tails, though have so far only made them from rubbish I have
    collected, 6 pack plastic rings and netting. I am getting into silicone tails and awaiting my Mahina black mono fin, arriving tomorrow yay! Goth mermaid at heart haha! I would love to get into free diving, and soon join a pod
    Thanks for reading, can't wait to share and connect more!

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    Welcome to the mernetwork
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