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Thread: Mold for Silicone Seaweed Top?

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    Mold for Silicone Seaweed Top?

    Hello everyone! I'd like to begin making a silicone seaweed top but I was wondering if anyone knows where this mold comes from? I would like to incorporate sea shells, pearls, crystals and little jewels I've been collecting over the past few months.

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    Siren Allure

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    That mold is not a pre-made mold, it is the work of Siren Allure. She is a top maker.

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    Yes and there are others in addition to her who make wonderful seaweed tops. Merbella Studios Inc being another one I've seen online. There are tutorials on how to make tails, shell tops, etc. but not a whole lot on seaweed tops. Given how each top is consistent no matter who the maker is, it makes me think there is some kind of large leaf mold that is being used. Did they create an original mold there an existing leaf mold out there?

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    Hmm, that is an interesting question. I've assumed it was hand sculpted; doesn't seem like an impossible task. That said, between Siren Allure and Merbella, I'm not sure if either one will be willing to give up their secret, haha!


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